Forwards Bereavement Group

As aready mentioned on the home page we can arrange for somebody to meet you outside the venue so you can be introduced to members of the group on arrival (which most newcomers choose to do).

 You can contact anyone of our committee  members listed below.

If you would like more information, or to be met outside the venue on your first visit please contact one of the committee members above.



Committee members phone numbers.


     Tina              01206 210032/07925064037

       Lyn               01206 767525

      Joan              01206 868187

     Lois               01206 523614/07833688967

   Rosie             01206 765403 

    Mike             01206 272750/07986786272

  Jenny            01255 426360

   Alan               01255 673819

   Catherine     01206 214951/07831159320

    Chris            07870 605110